About Radar-Mirror.com

Founded in 2008, Radar-Mirror.com is The Leader in Custom Integrated Rear View Mirror Systems™ for luxury, exotic and high performance automobiles. We also repair auto dimming interior rear view mirrors for vehicles that have experienced mirror failure. 

We specialize in custom installation of aftermarket electronic information systems into your vehicle’s factory rear view mirror. Non-factory electronic components such as radar detectors, laser jammers or vehicle monitoring gauges are typically found stuck on the windshield, mounted on top of the dashboard or in another location that immediately appears out of place.

In addition to compromising the factory appearance of your car’s interior the presence of such devices often invites theft, resulting in damage to your vehicle and loss of the device. This is particularly common with radar detectors. In the event you are pulled over for speeding, surveys among law enforcement officers confirm  the presence of a radar detector hanging from your windshield in plain sight will increase the probability that you will receive a citation.

With a Custom Integrated Rear View Mirror System from Radar-Mirror.com you can enjoy all of the benefits and protection from your radar detector, laser jammer, gauge assembly, or other electronic information system without the clutter, cords, inconvenience and risks normally associated with these kind of components.

Since 2008 we have served thousands of automotive enthusiasts across North America and around the globe. 

Radar-Mirror.com is a technology partner with the country’s leading Radar and Laser system manufacturers including ESCORT, K40 and Radenso.