Auto Dimming Mirror Repair FAQ

What is the cost to have my mirror repaired? 
Our standard mirror repair service is $99 plus return shipping for a basic auto dimming mirror with no displays embedded behind the glass. Mirrors with a visual display such as a compass or backup monitor are $129 plus return shipping. 
What address do I ship my mirror to for repair? 
Scott Wheeler
4319 Glenhurst Lane
Frisco TX 75033
What is the preferred method for shipping my mirror to Radar-Mirror for repair and what needs to be included? 
We do not have any preferred shipping service – you are welcome to ship the mirror to us with any carrier you prefer. Please include a copy of your payment receipt and a contact phone number. 
Will the auto dimming still function when I get my mirror back? 
Yes – the auto dimming feature will operate normally after the mirror has been repaired. 
Does the mirror repair include a warranty? 

Yes – all mirror repairs include a standard one year warranty. If you would like an extended warranty we offer a 5 year warranty for $25. The warranty does not cover broken glass. 

What vehicle mirrors do you support? 
Currently all vehicles with known interior auto dimming mirror glass failure issues are supported. 
Do you repair exterior auto dimming mirrors? 
We do not currently repair exterior auto dimming mirrors. 
Do you accept mirrors from other countries outside the US? 
Yes – our auto dimming repair service is available worldwide. 
What is the turnaround time for the mirror repair? 
Our auto dimming mirror repair service typically takes one business day upon receipt of the mirror. 
How long will it take to get my mirror back? 
It depends on how you ship the mirror to us and how you choose to have the mirror shipped back. Ground shipping in the US both ways is usually about a week. If you need the mirror returned more quickly we offer expedited shipping options at checkout. Return shipping for international orders is typically 7 -10 days. Tracking information will be emailed to you when the repair has been completed. 
Will I receive my original mirror back after the repair? 
Yes – we will repair your original mirror and ship the same mirror back to you. 
Do you offer core exchanges? 

We do not have a core exchange service available. You will need to send us your original mirror for repair.