Valentine One Mirror System

Common System Configurations

Our Valentine One Mirror Systems are comprised of four key components: the Valentine One Radar Locator, Remote Audio Adapter, Direct-Wire Power Adapter and Concealed Display – which is custom integrated into your vehicle’s factory rear view mirror. The following diagram illustrates how the individual components are configured in our V1 Mirror Systems.

V1 Radar Locator

The Valentine One Radar Unit - commonly referred to as a "V1" has been popular among car enthusiasts for years. Our V1 Mirror System gets the bulky radar unit and cords off your windshield and conceals it completely out of view - without affecting radar reception*. Placement of the V1 Radar Unit will vary depending on your vehicle. The unit must be placed within the range of your windshield and must not be obstructed by metal objects. Examples of common locations for mounting the V1 include thevehicles headliner, a rear headrest or custom enclosure mounted on top of the rear parcel shelf. The cover on the V1 is often removed to allow placement in tighter spaces.

Concealing the V1 inside of an enclosure such as the headliner or headrest will obstruct the unit’s laser sensors and they will no longer function. Laser detectors are not an effective defense against laser guns. We recommend the use of a laser jammer in conjunction with your V1 for full protection. Please visit our FAQ section for more information.

V1 Remote Audio Adapter

The V1 Remote Audio Adapter is an accessory that provides full control of the main V1 radar unit when it is out of reach. It also has it's own built in speaker as well as an audio jack. The audio adapter may be installed wherever it is convenient. We recommend placing it in a location that is within easy reach yet out of sight, such as the underside of your dash close to the hood release. The control knob may be extended from the audio adapter using a custom wiring harness to allow it to be installed in areas where the entire unit will not fit.

V1 Direct-wire Power Adapter

The V1 Direct-Wire Power Adapter powers the entire system and channels data from the the main V1 unit to the Concealed Display - located inside your mirror. Hard wiring the V1 using the Direct-Wire Power Adapter is common and locating vehicle specific instructions for a suitable switched power supply and ground for most cars can be found by a quick search online.

V1 Concealed Display

The V1 Concealed Display will be integrated into your vehicle's rear view mirror with factory appearance and precision. pioneered the use of a custom translucent two way mirror for radar displays and preserves the automatic dimming feature in a wide range of applications. For information about a custom plug and play Valentine One Mirror System for your vehicle please contact us.